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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources

At the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, we have been on an intentional journey to assess how our organization can champion diversity, equity, and inclusion as values for the Anchorage business community and city at-large. On this page, we’ve curated resources that we have found helpful in this work for ourselves as individuals, for our organization, and for our membership.

We hope the following resources will offer inspiration and guidance about how to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental values – and how to make sure these values are reflected in the operations and activities of your business.

5 DEI Steps You Can Start Today!

Positive. Meaningful. Growth


Want to diversify your feed?
Try following hashtags on Instagram to discover new brands, creators and influencers. Some of their favorites are #BlackLivesMatter and #FemaleEntrepreneur.

What is an Indigenous land acknowledgment and why should you be doing it? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, and tips for the right way to make a statement, check out this guide from the Native Governance Center.

How Employers can Support the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Give staff time and encourage staff to do anti-racism and anti-oppression workshops
  • Encourage and support staff to serve as board members on nonprofits and/or volunteer for causes that promote social justice and equity (ie, allowing them to do some volunteer work while "on the clock" as part of a commitment to the community)
  • Advertise with companies that support equality and justice
  • Offer comprehensive health insurance to all employees
  • Pay a fair wage to all employees

The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and our network of Chambers across the country recognize the importance of a diverse community, workforce, and workplace.

Anchorage Chamber presents... Diversity In Review 2020

Annual update on the diversity composition of the Anchorage Chamber's Board of Directors and membership.


Alaska Independent Workers Alliance

Alaska Independent Worker Alliance (AIWA) is Alaska's future-first worker community. 👩‍💻 We’re a group of indie workers, artists, and free thinkers dedicated to uplifting our peers through community connections, while progressing Alaska's public education of the gig economy through public events.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Equality of Opportunity Initiative Closing America’s Opportunity Gaps


Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Chamber-led efforts to support diversity, equity, and inclusion both organizationally and community wide.

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