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Legislative Committee


About the Legislative Committee

Meeting Time: Last Monday from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Committee Liaison: Erica Schneider, 907-677-7111,

Committee Chairs:
Dianne Blumer, NavigateAK
Ethan Tyler, CIRI


The Legislative Committee works to gather proposed legislation at the state and federal levels that may impact businesses in Anchorage. It communicates directly with the Anchorage Chamber Board of Directors and members in an effort to develop advocacy actions that ensure a successful business climate.


  • Develop survey and survey membership for legislative issues of concern for the next year's legislative session
  • Review standing resolutions and make recommendations to the board for those to carry forward
  • Develop legislative priorities and advocacy plan for each priority.
    • Develop standard language and format for letters of support and public testimony for each priority
    • Describe action to be taken for each priority
  • Review pending legislation and prioritize based on member concerns

2024 Legislative Priorities

Legislative Priorities

Committee Meetings

  • Initiated 2020 Diversity Program to better serve and advocate for the business community by becoming a more open, inclusive, anddiverse organization reflective of the make-up of Anchorage.
  • Maintains a vast reach to the community through a streamlined weekly newsletter distributed to nearly 4,000 individuals
  • Manages the largest Young Professional Group in the state in order to educate and grow the future leaders of Alaska
  • Continues communication efforts to help local businesses to navigate CARES Act and PPP Application processes
  • Hosts the largest Military Appreciation Events in Alaska and received citation for efforts for the 25th Anniversary
  • Formed the Anchorage Gig Economy Network to assist with the expansion of Anchorage's workforce prospects
  • Coordinates many education sessions including: Chamber Academy, Make it Monday Forum, & CEO Briefings
  • Cultivates connectivity and networking within the membership through various events throughout the year
  • Honored by the Small Business Administration as the Alaska Division Veteran Service Advocate
  • Awarded the Alaska Chamber’s “2018 Local Chamber of Commerce of the Year” Award
  • Supported and joined OneAlaska which ultimately defeated Ballot Measure 1
  • Awarded a Five-Star Accreditation in 2019 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Responsible for the Anchorage Chamber advocacy program including development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Responsible for considering the needs of our members and the legislative priorities of our board
  • Responsible for researching and monitoring progress of all proposed legislation in the local, state, and federal arenas relevant to our mission of advancing a successful business climate
  • Prioritizes proposed legislation on which the Anchorage Chamber can have a significant impact, creates an advocacy strategy, and makes recommendations to the board
  • Responsible for outreach to as wide an acquaintanceship as possible with key decision makers so that immediate contacts can be made as needed to learn their positions and to present the Anchorage Chamber's viewpoints on issues as they develop
  • Responsible for developing and implementing an advocacy communications strategy which effectively informs members and engages members to testify, provide, comments, vote, etc.  All out-going communications must be shared and approved by appropriate Anchorage Chamber staff (committee notices, mass member emails, website updates, social media entries, etc.)
  • To operate all advocacy efforts within the budget approved by the board of directors
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