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Our mission is to better serve and advocate for the business community by becoming a more open, inclusive, and diverse organization reflective of the make-up of Anchorage. 


The Anchorage Chamber positions diversity and inclusion as critical for business maturation and growth.

We endorse the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies that advance productivity, innovation, and economic growth.

Our Diversity Initiative drives economic competitiveness, highlights diverse employee populations, and promotes inclusive growth throughout the Anchorage Bowl.

Why Diversity & Inclusion?

It is a competitive advantage!

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When you have a diverse office, recruiting new talent is more successful.

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Employees want to continue working when they feel included in the company.



The idea pool is deepened when including people of diverse backgrounds.

2020 Heritage & Diversity Calendar

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

The Anchorage Chamber, in both its values and practices, is committed to inclusion and excellence in the management of all diverse people irrespective of differences. This means that there shall be no barriers to participation in any activity of this Chamber on the basis of economic position, gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability. We recognize that diverse perspectives are important and necessary for responsible and representative decision-making. We believe inclusiveness is a fundamental principle of every organization that enhances its ability to respond more effectively to changing demographics and needs. We affirm our commitment to reflecting the diversity of Anchorage and the members of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.


Diversity Committee Vision

We envision a board that reflects the demographics of our city and a growing membership of businesses representing the diversity of our business owners and entrepreneurs.

Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee Members

The Diversity Committee is responsible for providing advice and support for the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives to augment member retention and recruitment strategies and provide advice and assistance with respect to the continued evolution of the Chamber’s diversity and inclusion standards.

Committee Focus Areas

  • Workplace: Adopting policies and practices that include people who have historically been absent from your organization.
  • Workforce: Concerted effort to recruit qualified employees from traditionally underrepresented groups.
  • Marketplace: More deeply involve minority-owned enterprises and consumers in the regional economy and recognize the enormous purchasing power of minority groups.

“The Anchorage Chamber endorses the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies that advance productivity, innovation, and economic growth.” 

Jocasta Olp, Diversity Coordinator

"It is our goal at the Anchorage Chamber to have programs and representation that reflects the diversity in our business community.  All of this work is framed to support business efforts for our members and to recognize the changing demographics and needs of businesses in our city."

Bruce Bustamante, President & CEO of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce 

Joy Merriner, BDO

Gary Scott, Thompson & Co.

Ed Hendrickson, Alyeska Pipeline

"If there is no diversity, we would just be talking to ourselves all day long. A voice is only heard when someone speaks and I believe we should be among the ones sparks conversation!"

Jin Chen, Alaska Skylar Travel


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