Citywide Cleanup – Regulations and Bag Pickup Locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleanup Rules

All participants in the Anchorage Chamber Citywide Cleanup program are responsible for transporting their collected trash in orange bags to Solid Waste Services via the Anchorage Regional Landfill, Girdwood Transfer Station, or Central Transfer Station.

All loads must be secured or covered to prevent littering in transit. Uncovered loads will be subject to fines. Visit for more information, or call (907) 343-6250, Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.

No construction or demolition debris, including remodeling waste, fence panels, decks, or sheds.

Children under the age of 14 must remain in the vehicle while at either of the Transfer Stations or the Anchorage Regional Landfill.

Please wear gloves, such as latex or nitrile gloves while picking up trash and an orange safety vest if cleaning roadways or intersections.

You might want to bring sturdy plastic containers suitable for sharps like used needles. This could be medical sharps containers designed for needle collection, available at some pharmacies, or thick plastic jugs for detergent, kitty litter or shampoo (water bottles are too thin and can be punctured.) Here’s a flier from the state health department on safe needle disposal.

Please be aware of private property boundaries and ask permission to clean in these areas.

Fee Items

Payments may only be made with cash or local checks (with a valid driver's license), debit or credit cards are not accepted.

All loads exceeding 1,000 lbs will be weighted and charged $58.00 a ton at the Anchorage Regional Landfill. Visit the for fees at other facilities. Scaled loads require the customer to wear a safety vest.

There is a $20.00 charge for appliances containing freon such as refrigerators or freezers. Certifications of freon removal will be accepted in lieu of the fee.

The commercial scales will be open at the Anchorage Regional Landfill on May 2 and May 9, and will operate under the regular fee schedule.

Double loads (e.g., a full pick-up hauling a trailer) will be directed over the scales and fees will apply.

Hazardous Wastes

Residential household hazardous wastes, up to 40 lbs. per day, are accepted at the Household Hazardous Waste Facility located at the Central Transfer Station and at the Hazardous Waste Facility located at the Anchorage Regional Landfill. This limit includes five gallons of waste oil, one car battery, and up to 40 lbs. of household hazardous waste per household per day.

More information, including acceptable items, facility, locations, and hours can be found on the SWS website under "Hazardous Materials Management".

Although the Hazardous Waste Facility at the Anchorage Regional Landfill will be open on Free Dump Days, it is recommended that residents utilize this facility on a regular operating day.

Bag Pick-up Locations

Please note that only two (2) bags per person will be given out at Fred Meyer locations. For large cleanup teams in need of more bags, please register your team to reserve large bag orders which can be picked up at the Anchorage Chamber office.

Anchorage Chamber of Commerce

1016 West Sixth Avenue, Suite 303

(907) 272-2401


Fred Meyer

2300 Abbott Road

(907) 365-2000


Fred Meyer

1000 East Northern Lights Boulevard

(907) 264-9600


Ohana Media Group

833 Gambell St

(907) 344-4045

Fred Meyer

7701 Debarr Road

(907) 269-1700


Fred Meyer (Eagle River)

13401 Old Glenn Highway

(907) 689-4000


Fred Meyer

2000 West Dimond Boulevard

(907) 267-6700


Anchorage Daily News

300 W. 31st Ave.

(907) 257-4200