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Anchorage Gig Economy Network

The Anchorage Gig Economy Network "AGEN", formed by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program, is for those that share a common interest in the future of the new Gig Economy and how it is impacted by the Anchorage business community.

This includes app-based workers, freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, professional service sector and the like, working and living in Anchorage. It is about more than just Uber and Lyft. It is a sounding board for anything relating to the Gig Economy. Airbnb, Rover, DoorDash, Etsy, Instacart, Freelancing community, etc.

Come share your wealth of information as a seasoned worker, learn pointers as a newbie, make new friends and even learn a new trick or two. Information is power! The Chamber will also be here in the background to listen and to help improve rights and benefits of the industry.


Mission Statement

To advance opportunities for gig workers and expand Anchorage’s workforce prospects, allowing individuals to work, play, and live in our city.


  • Creating a space for gig workers to connect and share lessons learned, challenges and solutions
  • Allowing the chamber to be more educated with gig economy business needs
  • Igniting advocacy on issues that improve the rights and benefits of the gig economy
Network Liaison:

Dr. Jocasta Olp, Diversity Coordinator,

AGEN Leadership
Lesli Olson, Far Noth Fashion
Lesli Olson, Far Noth Fashion
Joy Merriner, BDO
Joy Merriner, BDO
Dr. Jocasta Olp
Dr. Jocasta Olp, ACC, Diversity Coordinator
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